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        The Way to Domesticize High-end Products in Pump and Valve Industry

        Author:河源市柏爾科技有限公司 Click: Time:2018-12-23 14:17:48

        Since the reform and opening up, China's pump and valve industry has made obvious development, comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced, international competitiveness has also been significantly improved. However, China's pump and valve industry is still at a disadvantage in the field of high-end pump and valve products. In the face of foreign well-known pump and valve enterprises with super R&D and innovation capabilities, domestic enterprises may be hard to come up with. What is the reason that hinders the localization of high-end products in the pump and valve industry?

        CNPV China Pump Valve Network Industry Alliance (CHINA PUMP VALVE NETWORK INDUSTRY ALLIANCE) made a detailed analysis of this situation, and pointed out that: from the "2012-2016 China Valve and Cock Manufacturing Prospects and Investment Forecast Analysis Report" shows that it is not difficult to see, from 2012 onwards, the localization of high-end valves has become very difficult. According to the data provided by China General Machinery Industry Association and the research on the import and export situation of domestic pump and valve products in 2014, CNPV Alliance draws the conclusion that since 2014, the pump products with large import volume in China mainly include: hydraulic reciprocating plunger pump, other hydraulic reciprocating drainage pump, rotary axial plunger pump, other centrifugal pumps and liquids with rotational speed less than 1000 rpm/min. Pump parts, vacuum pumps, etc. Valve products mainly include: pressure reducing valve, hydraulic transmission valve, pneumatic transmission valve, safety valve or relief valve, valve parts, etc. These pump valve products account for a considerable proportion of high-end products in China, which shows that our country has a strong dependence on imported pump valve products.

        CNPV alliance industry and economics analysts said that the main reasons hindering the smooth progress of China's high-end pump valve localization are the following four points:

        Firstly, the investment in innovation R&D is obviously insufficient. According to incomplete statistics of pump industry, R&D investment accounts for less than 2% of the main business income of enterprises, and the R&D investment of valve industry is almost the same. Without funds as backing and guarantee, how about innovation and R&D?

        Second, the ability of independent innovation is weak. Most domestic pump and valve enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. They have no ability to carry out independent innovation and R&D. The focus of enterprises is on low-end products with low profits, and they lack the consciousness and ability of independent innovation seriously.

        Thirdly, customers have low recognition of domestic high-end pump and valve products. Because of many problems such as marketing concept and narrow market of domestic pump and valve enterprises, many customers hold a disapproved attitude towards domestic high-end pump and valve products, which directly leads to poor willingness of customers to buy domestic products.

        Fourthly, there is a lack of research on industry-specific technologies. As a result of the restructuring, some industry-oriented research institutes have become independent enterprises. The structural nature and focus of work have changed greatly, and the role of industry technology support has also been weakening.

        At present, if our pump and valve enterprises want to make breakthroughs in independent innovation, they must be targeted, steady and steady, and gradually win the market position.


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