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        What problems will directly affect the function of the miniature vacuum pump?

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        For the function of the vacuum pump, there are mainly: internal leakage, steam impact, vacuum pump layout and environment, etc. Let's take a detailed look below.

        1. Pump body layout:

        As for single-stage vacuum pump, the simple wear part is the steam nozzle. When the nozzle is worn out, it will not only affect the function of the pump, but also add the operating cost of the system.

        2. Environment:

        The environmental impact mainly refers to the pollution of pumped gas to the system. In the process of disposal of molten steel, a lot of gas will be released from molten steel, together with some fine particles such as oxide powder skin, which will accumulate and adhere to the pump body, reduce the flow conductivity of the pumping pipeline, prolong the pumping time and reduce the pumping function.

        3. Condensate:

        Condensate water plays an important role in multi-stage vacuum pumps. In order to ensure that condensate can be fully condensed, it is necessary for the partial pressure of water vapor in the discharge pressure of vacuum pumps to be higher than the corresponding full vapor pressure. Therefore, the temperature of condensate water should be lower than the full temperature under the pressure, so that the normal operation of the pump body can be covered.

        In addition, the condensation power of the condenser is also very important. The poor condensation effect of the condenser will make the steam enter the next stage pump directly because it is too late to condensate, increase the load of the later stage pump, and affect the pumping ability of the pump. Therefore, the inlet temperature, flow rate of condensate and the operation of condenser have great influence on the function of the pump.

        4. Steam:

        Steam ejection vacuum pump is based on full water vapor as the working medium. The condition of steam has a decisive influence on the function of the pump. Wet steam not only affects the function of the pump, but also corrodes the steam nozzle and adds the amount of steam to the pump, which makes the operation of the pump unstable.

        5. Internal leakage

        The nozzle of the vacuum pump is composed of two parts, which are connected by flanges. As for the vacuum pump with connecting flanges in the pump body, if the leakage of steam is formed at the connecting part due to sealing and other reasons, the function of the vacuum pump will be affected.


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